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How Fresh is your Coffee?

What is Fresh?

Did you know that coffee has a very short shelf life?  Coffee, like bread, is best when it is freshly roasted.  The flavour oils in coffee are very susceptible to air and quickly go stale once they've been exposed.

How long does roasted coffee stay fresh?

Medium roasts will stay fresh for a couple of weeks but darker roasts begin to lose their flavour within days. To best enjoy fresh roasted coffee, consume it within a week of roasting. Apart from dark roasts, coffee is at its absolute best in the first 2 to 3 days after roasting, with the exception of the first 24 hours (during this period, the beans rapidly vent some of the CO2 that the roasting process releases). The coffee aroma is also strongest during the first day.

Grinding Coffee

If possible, avoid grinding the freshly roasted beans when you first purchase them. A small coffee grinder can be both affordable and effective and take up little space in the kitchen. Keeping the beans intact and only grinding what you'll need each time gives you a fresher cup and ensures a longer life for your freshly roasted coffee.






Storing Coffee

The enemies of freshly roasted coffee are air, moisture, light and heat. Storing your freshly roasted coffee away from them will keep it fresher longer. For this reason, we recommend storing your freshly roasted coffee in an air-tight jar in a dark, cool, dry place where there are no temperature fluctuations. We don't recommend freezing coffee unless you will not be drinking it within 2 weeks. Coffee is porous and will absorb the moisture in your freezer making your coffee taste, well ... like a freezer. Freezing also breaks down the flavour oils in the coffee.