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Special Events



Friday, November 27th, 2015 - 7pm

Ed Taylor & Friends (Songwriters - 3 guitars & vocals)

This Friday we have a treat for you! 3 talented musicians who have been in the shop many times before, sometimes as audience, other times as performers.

Ed Taylor is a guitarist and singer/songwriter whose friends include Howie Hooper and Alan Sandeman - also gifted entertainers in their own right!  They get together on a regular basis for the fun of ensemble playing and seeing where the creativity takes them.

This Friday you can be party to one of their joint sessions as they share their substantial guitar skills and explore concepts of new songs as well as some covers of familiar hits.  They describe their repertoire as 'Ballads, folk, a bit of country and more.  Ditties to enjoy.'  Ed tells me he has also written a Christmas song, and with the snowfall today we are legitimately in the mood!

As those of you who are regulars at the Gaia Java Music nights will know, we typically put out a jug for any donations towards the musicians' well-being and self-respect.  Well these amiable fellows have decided that if they succeed in attracting any Proceeds, they will pass them on to the Stittsville Food Bank (which is an organisation that often meets in the shop to discuss the wonderful work they are doing!).  So that gives you yet another good reason to venture away from the mundanity of watching your TV or your cat, and step into Stittsville's wonderland of live music.
We look forward to seeing you there!



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 Stop/Start Playback

Courtesy of Ed Taylor


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