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Friday, October 31st, 2014 - 7pm

Sun On The Floor (singer/songwriter)

Sun on the Floor is the creation of Linda Vanderlee and Bob Muller, with additional harmonies and inspiration from Nathalie Falardeau.  They sing and play for the love of music and each other's company.

Good vibrations all around.  Their genre spectrum embraces contemporary folk, with a blend of blues, jazz and pop.  Sun On The Floor is a musical journey of friends who enjoy jamming together.

They are:

Linda Vanderlee - vocals, guitar, ukulele
Bob Muller - double bass, guitar, vocals
Nathalie Falardeau - vocals, guitar

They enjoy doing their own renditions of popular and not so common covers and are building their original repertoire of songs.  Influences include Leonard Cohen, Sarah Harmer, Neil Young, and other well-known or lesser known names.  Both Nathalie and Linda write their own material, each tapping into a sliver of experiences, observations and feelings that life offers.  Bob adds the mesmerizing sound of his double bass to deepen the connection and vibrancy of the song's story.
Relatively new to the world of performing beyond open stages, their dream is to play for fundraisers, community events and house parties, and are looking forward to their premiere appearance at Gaia Java Coffee Company.

For more information see: https://www.facebook.com/SunOnTheFloor.

No entry charge for purchasing customers, but remember the best seats go first, and we put out a 'donations' jar so that appreciative customers can contribute to the well-being of the marvellous musicians who come to entertain us.



Tuesdays:  Open Floor Prose & Poetry Readings

Tuesday, November 18th - 7pm.
This is an opportunity for writers of prose, poetry (even song lyrics) to come and share their ideas and creations.  Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each, and the organiser is Vivien at 613-831-1988.

The plan is to do this on the third Tuesday of every month, so we look forward to seeing interested writers.


Friday November 7th:
Gretchen Martin

     - keyboards/vocals

Friday November 14th:
Kevin Dooley/Deirdre Dooley/Susan Hermon-Sweeney

     - Celtic Music/songs/poems

Friday November 21st:
The Crumble Quartet

     - string quartet - classical, tango, ragtime etc.

Friday November 28th:
Rick Hayes & RW Haller

     - guitars, songs, stories, harmonies


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 Stop/Start Playback

Courtesty of Sun On The Floor