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Special Events



Friday, August 28th, 2015 - 7pm

Vincent Bishop - (guitar/vocal/loop station)

Vincent Bishop is a Canadian musician aiming at a solo career as a singer-songwriter.  Very early on he developed an affinity and talent for composing complex yet well-balanced harmonies.  When playing solo on stage he is able to showcase these harmonies by layering vocals on the spot with his beloved loop pedal.  Vincent is releasing a debut album in the fall called “Out of the Dark” crossing various influences of genres, such as reggae, rock, hip-hop, jazz and folk all fusing with a taste of pop.  The album is a journey through and out of difficult times and emotions, largely inspired by the author’s passage through his teenage years.  The album is primarily targeted to a late teen and young adult audience but is likely to attract some older listeners because of the maturity of some of the emotional content.  It could also potentially attract a younger teen audience as an introduction to the early phases of “growing up”.  Vincent’s album was a seven-month project that involved 20 musicians and singers as well as himself.
All songs in this album showcase his talent for arrangements of vocals and instrumentation. If you want to hear an example of Vincent's work visit his website at: http://vincentbishop.bandcamp.com/ where you can listen to or download his track "Single Life".


Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - 7-8pm

myColdCup Product Pickup

For anyone looking for a better alternative to keeping their child's milk/yogurt drinks/smoothies, etc cold in their lunches - look no further!

Gaia Java will be hosting Gwenda Lindhorst-Ko for an hour-long product pick-up.

It can also be used for hot drinks if you remove the cold stick. I like it because it has a wide mouth and is easy to clean.  It also keeps the drinks "really cold!"

For anyone that would like to try their new cup at Gaia Java, we'll be providing a 'customer's own cup' discount.

Gwenda is a local Ottawa mom, so support local! http://www.gokelvin.com/


Friday Sept. 4th:  [no music event - Labour Day weekend]

Friday Sept. 11th:  Richard Brooks

Friday Sept. 18th:  The Richmond Ramblers Bluegrass Band

Friday Sept. 25th:  Bluegrass by Terry McDonald & the


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 Stop/Start Playback

Courtesy of Vincent Bishop