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Friday, October 24th, 2014 - 7pm

Sophie Léger (singer/songwriter)

Singer-songwriter Sophie Léger weaves her luxuriant vocals together with solid instrumentation to form a rich tapestry of sound and emotion that delights, challenges and inspires audiences.  The multi-instrumentalist (guitar, djembe, harmonica) animates her passionate poetry with rich harmonies and buoyant beats that expand contemporary folk and pop traditions.

Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Sophie grew up singing in both of Canada's official languages. Her songs lead listeners on an intimate journey, bridging geographical, cultural and spiritual distance as she celebrates relationships and experiences she has enjoyed with people across Canada and around the world.
Sophie composed her first album, As I Am (2002), while teaching in Haiti and Thailand. She received a grant from the Northwest Territories Arts Council to record her second album, A Place in Me (2009), which honours her adopted home of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where she teaches music and provides literacy support to elementary students by day and lights up club and concert stages by night.

This week she will be joined by her brother for harmony vocals on some songs, and she will be bringing some of her CDs to sell.

No entry charge for purchasing customers, but remember the best seats go first, and we put out a 'donations' jar so that appreciative customers can contribute to the well-being of the marvellous musicians who come to entertain us.



Tuesdays:  Open Floor Prose & Poetry Readings

Tuesday, October 21st - 7pm.
This is an opportunity for writers of prose, poetry (even song lyrics) to come and share their ideas and creations.  Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each, and the organiser is Vivien at 613-831-1988.

The plan is to do this on the third Tuesday of every month, so we look forward to seeing interested writers.


Friday Oct 31st:
  'Sun on the floor'
     - guitar, bass, harmonies; originals and covers.


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Courtesty of Sophie Léger