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Friday, September 19th, 2014 - 7pm

Greg Kelly & Shawn Brown (guitarist/vocals)

Greg Kelly has been writing songs in the Folk, Folk-Country genre for years, so in 2008 he decided to collect some of them onto a CD entitled "Broken Windows".  He didn't stop writing, and so a couple of years ago he released another CD of songs: "Slow Horses", recounting stories about life situations - heartbreak, triumph, love songs - the type of emotions that govern life in a small town (like Stittsville!).

Greg is joined for this week's gig by pedal steel guitarist Shawn Brown, and based on his many Youtube videos you will enjoy Greg's creative talent and professional delivery.  Greg also encourages other singers and aspiring songwriters, both through an open mic evening he hosts on Tuesday evenings, and on Saturdays at Mooney's Bay Bistro, not to forget a monthly songwriter's forum called 'Writers Bloc."

Check out Greg's website at: www.gregkellysongs.ca  and come along Friday and hear him perform live with Shawn at Gaia Java.  You will enjoy his music and quite probably want to pick up one of his CDs before you leave.



Tuesdays:  Open Floor Prose & Poetry Readings

Starting Tuesday Sept 16th at 7pm.
This is an opportunity for writers of prose, poetry (even song lyrics) to come and share their ideas and creations.  Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each, and the organiser is Vivien at 613-831-1988.

The plan is to do this on the third Tuesday of every month, so we look forward to seeing interested writers starting next Tuesday Sept 16th.


Friday Sept 26th:  Kristine St-Pierre
     - soul-searching ballads and a rollicking
      bluesy charm!


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Courtesty of Greg Kelly