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Special Events



Friday, October 3rd, 2014 - 7pm

Kereya (Cuban folk/pop duo)

A few weeks ago Kereya came at very short notice to play at the shop. They played on a Wednesday night with very little publicity, so the audience was understandably small, however those who came to listen were delighted!  These two young men blew us away with their very professional delivery and superb musicianship.  They are basically the top group in their province of Cuba, and having heard them, that is quite understandable.  Omar is their gifted guitarist and does most of the vocals, and Julio (who is an orchestra director back home) has a great violin technique and occasionally adds some vocal harmonies.  Since then they have been doing a whistle-stop tour of Ontario and various Festivals (including the Ottawa Folk Festival) hosted by Stittsville's Bob Denney.  They have kindly agreed to come in again for a final performance before they head back to Cuba next week, so that more of us can have a chance to admire their playing and singing.
If you read John Curry's review of their first performance here you will know why we are sounding so enthusiastic about them: http://www.ottawacommunitynews.com/news-story/4856166-cuban-music-flows-in-gaia-java-shop/.

Don't miss this chance to come and hear Omar and Julio perform some lively Cuban music to wake up your Stittsville September!  Check them out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILUobMXrnoM&feature=share

No entry charge for purchasing customers, but remember the best seats go first, and we put out a 'donations' jar so that appreciative customers can contribute to the well-being of the marvellous musicians who come to entertain us. .



Tuesdays:  Open Floor Prose & Poetry Readings

Tuesday, October 21st - 7pm.
This is an opportunity for writers of prose, poetry (even song lyrics) to come and share their ideas and creations.  Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each, and the organiser is Vivien at 613-831-1988.

The plan is to do this on the third Tuesday of every month, so we look forward to seeing interested writers.


Friday Oct 10th:  Jumpin' Jimmy Leroux
     - guitar/vocals and great cover tunes

Friday Oct 17th:  Neil Bateman
     - accessible and excellent jazz guitar standards

Friday Oct 24th:  Sophie Leger
     - singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist

Friday Oct 31st:  'Sun on the floor'
     - guitar, bass, harmonies; originals and covers.


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